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Volume 1

The Gourmet’s Perilous Mansion?!

Kirby has been novelized at last! Kirby is treated to a feast at a gourmet mansion party, but unexpected things are waiting there...?! An original story that can only be read here!!

Volume 2

Quarrel in the Dark Forest!

Kirby and friends head to the "Dark Forest" in hopes of eating the rumoured fruit that is the most delicious in all the universe. However, King Dedede and a mysterious partner are also aiming for the fruit...?!

Volume 3

Here Come the Squeaks!

Kirby discovers a large egg in an old temple. Kirby and friends have decided to help protect the egg on behalf of the injured parents who can't take care of it. But then, Daroach's thief gang show up to steal the egg...?!

Volume 4

Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess

The princess of the Chiffon Star, famous for her cake-making skills, has gone missing!! Meta Knight heads towards the Chiffon Star along with Kirby. What surprising twist awaits them there?! This time, Meta Knight is the main character!!

Volume 5

Dream Land’s Big Race!

A huge race that is to be broadcasted across the whole galaxy has been organized in Dream Land! Hearing that the winnter will receive anything they'd like, Kirby and friends are full of motivation! The race's organizer Kizario seems suspicious though...?!

Volume 6

Save the Friend from the Labyrinth!

Magolor, an enemy that Kirby has fought against before, suddenly appeared and said, "Help me save a friend!" While suspicious, Kirby and friends go to help save Magolor's friend from the Mirror Labyrinth. Unimaginable encounters await in the great labyrinth...?!

Volume 7

Adventure on Planet Robobot!

Kirby and his friends live on the peaceful Planet Popstar. One day, a giant sphere appears, and starts to mechanize everything! In order to turn Popstar back to normal, Kirby sets out on an adventure!

Volume 8

Meta Knight and the Universe’s Strongest Warrior

Nobody knows anything of where Meta Knight disappeared off to, so Kirby and friends leave Popstar to go and search for him. Meanwhile, Meta Knight is trying to revive the Milky Way's strongest warrior, Galacta Knight...?!

Volume 9

Team Up! Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

In a mysterious parallel universe, a lost Kirby is aided by a Kirby-like trio?! In order to protect the peace of the Dream Kingdom, the four Kirbys form "Team Kirby" and confront the troublemakers!

Volume 10

Face-off! Battle Royale!

大バトル大会・デデデグランプリ開催! 対戦相手はカービィのコピー!? ワドルディとタッグを組んだカービィは、様々な能力を持つコピーたちに挑む! はたして優勝賞品のデラックス山もりケーキは誰の手に!?

Volume 11

Star Allies: Adventure with Friends!

ポップスターの住民がとつぜん凶暴化!? カ ービィはふしぎな力「フレンズ能力」でみん なを助け、黒幕を探す大冒険に出発する! 大人気ゲーム『星のカービィ スターアライズ』小説版だよ!!

Volume 12

Star Allies: A Cosmic Problem?!

プププランドの仲間が、三魔官のフラン・キッスにさらわれた!? 宇宙を大そうさくするうちに三魔官のさらなる悪だくみに気づいたカービィは、ワドルディ、デデデ大王、メタナイトと一緒に宇宙を守る戦いに挑む!!

Volume 13

The Great Patch Land Incident!

毛糸の世界に迷いこんでしまったカービィは、バラバラ にされてしまった世界を元に戻すため、フラッフ王子と強敵を倒す旅に出る! 新しい特別な能力「メタモル能力」と「さいほう能力」で、カービィが大活やく!!

Volume 14

Save the Rainbow Islands!

カービィの友だち、リック&カイン&クーがやってきた! 三人が住む虹の島々に雨が降らなくなり、困っているらしい。 カービィはメタナイトやデデデ大王と虹の島々へ!! 原因を知る女の子・ピリカと出会い 雲の上に向かうと、そこにいたのは カービィとも仲良しな友だちの、グーイだった。 なぜか、グーイはカービィたちに襲いかかってきて!? いったい、何が起こったのか……? 事件の解決に、カービィがいどむ!!

Volume 15

Team Kirby Clash Super Showdown!

ふしぎな鐘の音に呼びよせられて、プププ王国(キングダム)にもどってきたピンクのカービィ。 いま、ふたたび、プププ王国に、恐ろしい魔物が襲いかかろうとしていた…! ドクターカービィ、ハンマーカービィ、ビームカービィと再会したカービィは、魔物に立ち向かうため、カービィハンターズZを再結成! しかし、カービィハンターズZの前にさらなる最強最悪の敵が立ちはだかる!!! はたして、プププ王国(キングダム)と、カービィたちの運命は!?